technical skills:

research skills:

During the course of academic studies and on various projects, I gained valuable research skills including finding & collating references, using the Endnote bibliography software, writing & proofreading, and time management.

management skills:

Throughout my teaching career and participation in community bands I have learnt management skills through conducting & directing ensembles, and through working within committees and sub-committees.

employability skills:

technology skills:

I am able to confidently use a variety of operating systems including Apple , Windows and Google (Android) on PC's and mobile devices. My knowledge of these systems extends to using email programs, networking, Wi-FI, internet searching, accessing websites and using "clouds". I also have acquired knowledgable skills in HTML & CSS through designing my own website .

I am also able to use a variety of software including Microsoft Office products , Endnote bibliography software, Apple programs and mobile apps.

transferable skills:

Through my teaching career and work within community bands, I have gained skills in effective communication, team work, problem solving, planning & organising, learning and self-management


I have undertaken extensive study as a musician and am able to play Violin/Viola to a high level as well as playing percussion in community bands. Through my work as a teacher and conductor I have knowledge of most instruments commonly in use.

interests and hobbies:

I have a variety of interests and hobbies including native/indigenous plants and gardening, building model railways, music, and information technology.