research pages:

This series of research pages (links in the left-hand menu) have been put together to highlight groups of references arranged by topic. The references were collated for research papers completed during the course of my Masters degree, and for initial work on a PhD. While every effort has been made to check the accuracy of links to articles and conference papers, I make no guarantee that some links might have changed, or will change in the future. As can be seen, the topic list covers a range of related topic areas that were relevant to my previous studies. There will be some overlap in references from page to page due to some references being relevant to other topic areas.

The research pages comprise of lists of primary source resources (books, journals articles, conference papers, thesis papers, and key websites) that I have collected over quite a number of years. Subsequently, due to other new-found research interests in school brass band history, the research lists will keep expanding in the future. A small number of references now refer to old newspaper articles and pictures of school brass banding.

Just a quick note on the citation styles. I have been using the Endnote bibliography software to sort all my citations. Endnote has updated the APA 5th citation style to APA 6th. The changes, however, are small but are reflected in additional bits of information added onto some of the citations. Most of the journal citations now have DOI numbers (digital object identifiers) added to them, as well as some of the book chapter citations also have additional information added.