about me:

I started playing Violin at the age of five and started playing Oboe at the age of fifteen while keeping up my Violin studies at the same time. Shortly after starting Oboe I commenced playing with the Southern Area Concert Band, a group of which I'm still a member of to this day. For many of my school years I participated in the ensembles of the Melbourne Youth Music programs as a Violinist. While participating in the community band scene I have played with many concert bands around Melbourne, and concert bands and brass bands in country areas of Victoria and New South Wales.

Following on from high school I went to Box Hill Institute of TAFE and completed a music course. From Box Hill I proceeded to Monash University and completed a Bachelor of Music then a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary). I took a break from studying while working in the country and in 2007, a few years after I had returned to Melbourne to work, I gained a Master in Education (Arts Administration) from RMIT University. While I still have interests in community music, currently I'm extending myself and studying for a Master of Information Studies.

Currently I am working as an instrumental music teacher in various high schools around Melbourne, a job in which I enjoy and am challenged. I teach Violin, Viola, Cello and have taught Double Bass and even the odd Oboe student. My community interests are in brass and concert bands and I'm a Life Member of the Southern Area Concert Band and a Percussionist of the Stonnington City Brass Band.

Being a musician has brought me many opportunities and friends and has involved me in many diverse music groups and ensembles. I consider this part of an ever-changing life journey that is yet to be completed. Participating has led me into many music leadership, teaching, and managerial roles all of which has provided valuable 'life' experience and thought for studies which I have completed over the years. It never ceases to amaze me how, after many years of not seeing people, that I can meet them either offline or online, and the common connective paths in music will come up in conversation. While I'm not doing as much playing now as I once did due to a medical complaint, I am still very much the musician and am guided by my lifestyle.

about this site:

This website is in its fifth design. While I won't dwell on the design of this current version, I can say that I have reached a point where I'm happy with the design and that it is unlikely to change (too much). Previous versions had been very cluttered and were full of pages which were extensions of interests that I thought would look good as pages - not now. This current design has broken up some previously long pages into smaller parts. I've been working to make this site useable, functional and informative and now I have been reworking it to reflect some research interests in music education and community music.

Just about all pages of my site are now reflective of my past and hopefully future studies. I have completed major changes in content to my Links page and Music Resources page, both of which contain links to websites reflective of my research interests, although there are some other sites especially on the Music Resources page that I feel are helpful to musicians. The Research pages are the biggest on this site in terms of content and they list my collected references across a whole variety of subjects. Should you wish to contact me there is a basic form on the Contact page and email links on the bottom of every page. I am also on Facebook and Twitter.